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Blockchaingers 2018

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    Groningen, April 5th-8th, a four day blockchain hackathon event with 700+ participants crammed in an old sugar factory building. Coders, thinkers, advisors and domain experts, all putting their heads together to brainstorm, prototype and shape solutions in 7 challenge tracks.

    Tracks and track sponsors:

    1. Future of Pensions - APG, the biggest pension funds manager of the Netherlands;
    2. Health - University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
    3. Energy transition - NUON/ Vattenfall, Gasunie and New Energy Coalition;
    4. Public safety - the Dutch National Police
    5. Digital Nation’s Infrastructure - the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Kadaster (the Dutch land registry);
    6. Machine 2 Machine Economy - E-laad (part of Enexis, grid operator)
    7. Global Digital Identity - DUO (the Dutch national student loan agency) and Sweetbridge.

    I was invited to participate as a Jedi - an advisor on best practices around blockchain and software development. Assigned to the Health track and assisting all teams to express their ideas in the best way. It was a great fun! Loads of creativity and energy, people working entire days and nights to show what they can and deliver their projects.

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    Perica Zivkovic
    Perica Zivkovic